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Certificates of Quality

Since 1998, the Hotel Villa Elena was the third in Italy and the first in Abruzzo to obtain the certification UNI EN ISO 9001: 2000.

This important certification testifies to the high standard of quality of the services that the hotel offers, pointing to the ongoing maintenance.

Structure, management and services are subject to periodic review, so that our guests can always have the certainty of a stay of high quality!

The goal that the organization intends to pursue in terms of Quality Policy is to implement an organizational-management system for:

  • the realization, in a coherent and constant way, of processes that comply with the requirements of the customers and the applicable mandatory ones, expressing the role of Quality as a goal to be pursued in every activity and business process to guarantee total Customer satisfaction;
  • promote the conditions for the development of a process of awareness raising and cultural growth of all personnel;
  • the provision of services that comply with the laws, regulations and regulations in force and with the requirements of the customer
  • Respect of the delivery times defined contractually
  • containment of production costs in order to guarantee increasingly competitive prices
  • the selection of suppliers in order to establish a register of qualified suppliers and guarantee the conformity of the products purchased and used in processing.

These goals must be achieved through continuous improvement of:
efficiency: ability to make best use of available company resources;
quality: ability to meet the explicit and implicit expectations of the Customer at every stage of the Customer / Company relationship;
competitiveness: ability to find the right balance between performance and price depending on the services offered.

An approach of this kind should best meet the needs of customers, reinforcing the corporate image: simultaneously reducing internal inefficiencies and non-value added operations.

The property undertakes to take an active role in promoting and guiding all activities affecting Quality, by disseminating the above concepts at all levels, reviewing and continuously updating this policy and the objectives achieved.
The point of continuity for the satisfaction of these policies was identified in the maintenance of the certification of the company Quality System in compliance with the provisions of the UNI EN ISO 9001 regulation.

The company ensures that the policy is:

  1. DIFFUSE through special training / information meetings and posting of the same on the organization premises.
  2. APPLIED through periodic checks aimed at verifying compliance with the applicable provisions.
  3. SUSTAINED by verifying the commitment and suggestions of the staff aimed at its implementation.
  4. PUBLISHED OUTSIDE informing, where required, the customers and in general anyone who requests it.

Another certification added in 2012 (with the completion of the restructuring) is the UNI EN ISO 14001: 2004.

This is an evidence of the continuous search for innovation and certified quality beyond minimum standards to ensure our customer.

Hotel Villa Elena has always had the objective of satisfying its customers, in terms of quality of services provided and continuous improvement.

The Company is strongly committed to trying to achieve levels of continuous improvement in environmental performance in order to respond promptly to all applicable environmental regulations. To this end, the Management intends to ensure the pursuit of the aforementioned objective through the following environmental policy:

  • Treat waste and processes by promoting an effective environmental prevention and protection policy against its negative environmental impacts;
  • Prevent pollution;
  • Treat, produce, store, transport, use and dispose of waste resulting from the activity in a manner that protects the environment and the health and safety of employees and the public;
  • Observe all laws, regulations and legislation applicable to services, processes and waste. Where such requirements do not exist or are not adequate, the company will adhere to its own standards in order to achieve the global goals that it has set for itself
  • Monitor and reduce company discharge where possible;
  • Carry out periodic environmental assessments;
  • Tend to reduce consumption of natural resources;
  • Adopt an environmental management system aimed at improving the environmental impact of the company's activities;
  • To adopt in the production and in the supply of the service and production of goods the operating methods that cause a lower environmental impact;
  • Improve the environmental training of all personnel
  • Carries out periodic reviews of its environmental management system;
  • Involves all employees as widely as possible;
  • It favors new ideas and improvement proposals;
  • Ensures that each manager coordinates his / her collaborators, directing them towards continuous improvement;
  • Implement professional and cultural improvement of individual resources at all levels through a Training Plan aimed at effective staff growth;
  • Defines and implements environmental management programs aimed at improving environmental performance.

The company ensures that the environmental policy is:

  1. DIFFUSE through special training / information meetings and posting of the same on the organization premises.
  2. APPLIED through internal audits
  3. SUSTAINED by verifying the commitment and suggestions of the staff aimed at its implementation.
  4. PUBLISHED OUTDOOR informing, where requested, customers, suppliers, competent authorities, and in general all interested parties that show particular interest in this topic and request it.
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