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Tortoreto and its surroundings

Tortoreto is a beautiful village along the Adriatic coast in Abruzzo. It is the ideal place to have a wonderful holiday by the sea.
The surroundings of Tortoreto offer significant natural and gastronomic attractions.
Abruzzo and Province of Teramo represent a land of many facets, wrapped by the special charm of its long historical tradition, art and culture, where you can experience good eating with the story of ancients, keep thinking about the future.
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Abruzzo is one of the most beautiful Italian regions. Here, its 130 km of suggestive sandy seacoast merge magically with lush gentle hills and gorgeous mountain chains, as the majestic Gran Sasso D'Italia.

Everyone calls this region "Regione Verde D'Italia" that is "The Green Region of Italy", indeed.

It consists of four Natural Parks and lots of wildlife sanctuary, where you can admire chamois, wolf and eagle.

Many tourists come here to elevate their holiday visiting medieval villages perched on the hills, old hermitages, artistic towns, churches, museums, castles and the landscape strewn with necropolis.

Sportsmen make their holiday very dynamic, enjoying different sports you can practice all over the region, from the sea to the hills and the mountains.

In the heart of Majella National Park, you find Caramanico, an ancient thermal bath town still renowned.

Our land knows how to tempt you!

Abruzzo prides an ancient culinary tradition, made of authentic and refined ingredients.

Strong flavors are mixed up together with simplicity and creativity to recall ancient rural, bucolic and marine culture.

It is noteworthy how experienced are local artisans. In their workshops, ancient profession is passed down generation after generation down the centuries.

They can magically process raw materials, such as iron, wood, metal, ceramic, cloth and leathers, into precious products, valued on the national and international trade.

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